Kilmashogue Forest Park, Dublin Mountains

While we were on our two week staycation, we took the opportunity to bring Delaney and Bonnie on an afternoon stroll to Kilmashogue Forest Park at the start of the Dublin Mountains. It’s only 10 minutes drive from our house but the views across the city are spectacular and luckily the rain held off.







Dog Day Afternoon

the grass had been cut and the frigo was in the process of defrosting, we hadint taken any alcohol the night before so we were in tip top shape to walk the two bitch faces the five miles into town.  it was my idea and i didint know how this episode would develop, would bonnie manage to escape from her new green harness and get knocked down as she raced across the busy thoroughfares of the black pool?  would delaney howl incessantly at perceived threats from smaller fox looking dawgs?  would moo moo manage to last the distance? only nogodd knew.

we left at nine on our summer adventure into the unknown.

* * *

. . . and the walk took us underneath modern concrete bridges bridging the dothra


. . . past halting sites with funny remarks graffitied on peach coloured walls


. . . and down narrow green countried urban lanes


. . . toward emptying suburban villages on the outskirts of the city.


and when we got tired . . . we bought cardboard cups filled with coffee togo in dog friendly kaffs


. . . and when we were thirsty we drank beer for breakfast outside large industrial food enterprises where delaney just . . . just . . . just thought about why we would drink beer so early onna grey Wednesday morning? and we knew there was no point in explaining to the dawg that thatz how we roll on our holidays


but! we would eat baby, chez max who weed meet on Castle Street, and possibly take a bottle of madiran with . . . anda cheese and meat platter and yewed have none dog, ’cause . . . well yurra dog.

and we did, although i just couldint indjoy itt as i was nervous that the two ones would get the smell of meaty goodness and manage to take of their harnesses and harass the tourists, and awl i could see were flying tables and weeping men with their crying wives, although thankfully none of those premonitions occurred and instead i suffered a stomach of indigestion washed with wedd wine.

* * *

Our adventure was a success, and one weel take again in the near future and it took our mind of the death of poor She Ra, Princess of Power who was put down early Saturday morning as she was not improving and was miserable.

As for the present? we have two tired august gurls asleep in the dynasty room


Princess of Power

yesterday afternoon i returned from the boozer with my brother Eugene, aka:Gonzo


. . . to find that moo moo was not in the house but! outside in the yard by the fence talking to a very sick kitten and she told me this and asked our opinion which was; let the poor thing die as quite clearly she’s got cat flu and whatcha wannuz t’doo anyways? needless to say the petit feline was taken indoors and wrapped inna pink towel while my mammy and moo moo tore some salmon into strips to give to the cat.

an hour later we checked onitt and itwaz quite cold so the hard hearted bastard that eye am thought about drowning the stray and as i left the kitchen to fetch the plastic bag i found myself talking on the phone to the vet who’d be with us in ten minutes and indeeding she was.  Andrea took She Ra of us and told us sheed call temara with the bad, forward slash, good news, and so please meet our new friend


She Ra who may be with us this time next week. Please tchoone in for another installment on the same cat channel.

Our Belle Isle, Co. Fermanagh

both moo moo and eye blue the holiday budget earlier in the year by going to old Noo Yorc and cramming twelve days into 6 which broke us physically, financially and spiritually and left us with no other foreign holiday to look 4wad to later in the year.  And then! we got an invite to a friends house in south Portugal, and awl weehad toodoo was book sum cheap flights with the reformed airline and we were on our way, but! moo moo decided against that plan and instead we ended up North in Co. Fermagh onna wet island outside Enniskillen.


we left onna sunnie Saturday morning and with the two bitch faces, headed up to God’s county to spend two days with my mammy, while the dogs holidayed with Gladys and Cyril and their precious paws while we slummed it in our house at the top of the town and hadda luvvely time, drinkin’ sum beers with the locals in the blocks, and remembering dead daddies and other relatives buried in the graveyard, what f.u.n. we had!

so . . . below are some pictures of our belle isle;






. . . and now we find ourselves in the living room in Kingscourt waiting for our car to be fixed and then weel pick up Delaney & Bonnie and head back to the black pool with our short cheap break deposited in the memory bank.