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The axis of evil

1. Ivana Bacik Angry, smug, opinionated lawyer 2. Clare Daly Angry, bitter, socialist banshee 3. Mary Lou McDonald Angry, belligerent, manipulative terrorist Where are all the nice girls in politics? Advertisements

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when it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached don’t adjust the goals, adjust the steps

  Just last week, 26 teachers, principals and deputy principals from Ireland plunged into a week-long jolly . . . fact-finding trip . . . to China to familiarise themselves with the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture there.  what they experienced … Continue reading

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Young people of Ireland

Pope mobile. Now available for stag and hen parties….

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Got no sole

I’ll have the pan-seared yellow-bellied peasant loin on a bed of rocket and seaweed fronds smothered in lemon curd jus enraptured with saffron and guinea pig foam… There is a painfully hip new trend assaulting our capital city. Beautiful young … Continue reading

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expressing the unique characteristics of the terror

10 things men can do that women kant: 1: flick their pants up into the air with their feet and catch them on their heads and then walk them over to the laundry basket and nod them in from close … Continue reading

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he thinks manual labour is a Spanish musician

Sitting onda top deck of the bus heading into town and i smell smoke down the back and eyed like to join them, the two ones, for a drag, i havint smoked in an hour and i want one.  I … Continue reading

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Mind your peas and queues

Closed due to unforeseen illiteracy.

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Ads I wish I’d made. Part 2

Makes me wish I needed to shave…

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Is it about a bicycle?

A plague has descended on our roads, a  blight of self-righteous leg pumping, bollox sawing indignation. The cyclists have landed. And they are angry. Last night when I was circumspectly crossing the street I was struck by a cyclist who … Continue reading

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Chain gangs

The Irish government has come up with a novel take on the chain gangs of old. They keep council workers gainfully employed installing speed ramps and traffic lights on every minor road and intersection in the capital. A profusion of … Continue reading

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