Accidental Tourist

So, the thing I’ve been wondering about recently is this: why are
there no such thing as accidents in Ireland any more? Back in the day,
it was commonplace to fall off your bike, slip on ice, trip over a
step or simply plain snot yourself. But nowadays things appear to have
become infinitely more complex. If a child falls in a playground and
cuts their knee, why, it’s the fault of the local council. And if a
lift breaks down, then it’s assuredly the fault of the retailer. If an
employee acquires a minor injury on a corporate social sports day then
the company is liable… Such is the brave new world that our
esteemed legal profession has built in Ireland. A veritable land of
opportunity for the rapacious and unscrupulous classes, emboldened by
bullish no-win-no-fee litigators. Isn’t time we admitted that accidents can and do happen…

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