hard knox and durtie jox

it was a thirtie sumthing fat frenchman who gave me a cassette with the last five songs from let it bleed on side A and i kant remember how many songs on side B or which album they belonged to? sometime back in 1999.  my favourite song from the cassette was monkey man although i wasint that keen on the last two minutes ovitt.  returning to ireland i played that cassette to death in my cosy rural bedroom performing drunk in the mirror with my air guitar hung low, twentietoo years old and with time on my side to make itt.

* * *

the stones didint figure prominently in my music world which existed between some californian ellessdee utopia and a dour northern red bricked factory wasteland where the doors, jim morrisson, ocean colour scene, the doors, paul weller, the doors, pink floyd, syd barrett, jim morrisson, jimi hendrix and the cardigans farmed and occassionally played music.  when i thought of the stones i saw a skinny man in lycra prancing around a large empty stage singing about satisfaction and his lack of.  I heard start me up and miss you and with the latter i smelled disco and i didint dance.  my fat french friend though thought the pink floyd grandad music and the cardigans? well . . . they were for wimps. the stones were something else entirely.

Mick Jagger - Creem Magazine [United States] (January 1982)

 * * *

after three years on a diet of jim morrisson and the doors i was suffering from hallucinations of grandeur and a small dose of the blues, so when i was introduced to the glimmer twins my constitution was suitable for the different musical fare they were to provide.  I exiled on main street at the turn of the century and got my rocks off from the first play, the music was warm an’durtie, complimenting the cavan landscape of the time and taking me north to the lakes of sweet virginia.  I played the album to my pals who didint ‘get it’ but i got it, and i drank with it, and smoked with it and danced the dance of rock’n’roll beside itt, the five ones and me.  I moved from main street to a beggars banquet and forwards i bluesed until i reached the stage where i saw my five heroes reduced to four and not looking too great. 

 * * *

their music stays with me and they are my band. my favourite album? between the buttons, my favourite song? 2000 man and to look back on their live performances itz no lie to say that they were the greatest rock’n’roll band the world has seen for five short years between 1969 and 1974.

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