You wait for hours then they all arrive together


The long wait on dark mornings, the race to count out exact change in coppers, sweaty bodies pressed too close, steamed up windows, constant hacking coughs… the delights of public transportation on Dublin Bus.

A monopoly that has just introduced it’s second fare hike in 12 months. Approved by the regulator.

One wonders why it is acceptable for businesses like Dublin Bus, ESB and Bord Gais to continue to demand that their increasingly stretched customers mutely accept price rises rather than looking at reducing their operational costs.

It would be an easier pill to swallow if the increase in fares were accompanied by an improvement in service levels.

However along with a 13% and then 5% fare hike this year, my own 49 route has seen reduced frequency and longer journey times.

Ah 49, how do I love you… let me count the ways…

1) Due to the circuitous nature of the route, 10 minutes after boarding I find myself further away from town than when I started

2) On a regular basis and adhering to the Ryanair philosophy, a scheduled bus fails to appear

3) Buses are either early or late and always impossible to predict which

4) On Sundays the service reduces further to a bus an hour

5) At €2.80 a trip it’s much cheaper to drive

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