“You should never ask anyone for anything. Never! & especially from those who are more powerful than yourself.”

our dear leaders blew it again.  those pesky socialists looked after the vote placating their numbers allowing blueshirt comrades to hurt their friends.  the incentive remains not to work, and when work is worked we work harder with no respite from the grind of life.

our workers paradise where we pay for the house and pay the state for the land our home grows on.  government owned water that tastes bitter is drunk daily as the beer we once enjoyed is priced beyond itz worth thanks to our anxious health professionals concerned with our lifestyles and distressed by our wine consumption.  televised lives consumed and the waste disposed by metal monsters in sheds paid for by our toil.  regrettable happenings with unintentional mishaps and ambulances clocked like taxis arrive taking the unfortunate to hospitals where unwanted staff allow them to wait on trolleys until doctors take note and prescribe the pills they bought from their pharmaceutical friends.

our emerald isle policed by journalists concerned with children, gays and women sapping life from the day that must run its 24 hours.  outraged with the establishment, unaware that itz the existing power structure in society.

* * *

the story continues and never ends as the answers sought are not those that were expected.  to look at ourselves and know the answer is not what our secular socialist masters would expect.

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