Respect my Authority

So, it turns out that in 2011 the Irish RSA (Road Safety Authority) spent €38.3 million of your shiny euros. Seems like an awful lot of hi-vis jackets to me…


In 2010 there were 212 deaths on Irish roads and the RSA’s stated mission was to reduce that number by 30% or 49.

By the wonders of mathematics I estimate that is a cost of €782,000 per life saved.

The RSA is surely the quango’s quangos. They have it all. A high profile, media friendly celebrity chairman in Gay Byrne, oodles and oodles of cash and ridiculously unambitious targets.

Moreover, they seem to be the only advertiser in Ireland with any money to spend and are likely keeping the Irish advertising industry afloat single-handedly (but only if you’re on their coveted PSL)

Instead of wondering where all those penalty points magically disappeared to, perhaps our esteemed government could investigate why the RSA continue spending like it’s 2006.

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