A nod and a wink


Irish society operates on inchoate principles of relationship and reciprocity. We look after our own, we scratch each other’s backs, we have jobs for the boys, old boys’ clubs and school networks.

Anyone who hasn’t grown up with this model of social cohesion finds it incomprehensible. But somehow, it works.

Show me someone who hasn’t, at some stage in their life, benefited from a leg up, a dig out or a word in the right ear and I’ll show you a liar.

That’s why the spectacle of our politicians and media decrying the Gardaí’s Amazing Disappearing Penalty Points sleight of hand is risible.

Joan Collins and her bully boys on the far left would have us inhabit a sterile, rigid society, constrained by bureaucracy, rules, regulations and codes of conduct. A pure socialist Utopia of automatons.

I would much rather live in a grey tinted world where rules are bent, the truth doesn’t get in the way of a good story and morality is a little bit relative. I know I shouldn’t, but since I know you…

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