“Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?”

she plans to sue the school because her girls were bullied and now they’re dead.  the institution could have done more to protect her little angels.  itz not lorraine’s fault the establishment failed to safeguard her innocents.  sheez angry and numb, “all the warning signs were there for school authorities and the HSE to protect her children but the system failed them.” 

lorraine never foundered though.  patsy told her so.

* * *

she is responsible for her life but she hates the gift and is not grateful.  she hates the singing of birds, the barks from the bitch faces happie that sheez home, the flowers that struggle through winter in order to blossom in spring, there is no hope in her world; a recurrent tenure of boredom boring her. 

how sad that our lives can be thought of that way.

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