Electric Dreams


In one of their more enlightened (geddit?) moves, our frenemies across the water have tabled a proposal that would require energy providers to disclose their operating costs and profits on customer bills.

In light of the recent price hikes from both the ESB and Bord Gáis, I imagine a similar move in Ireland would be broadly welcomed.

Personally I’m anxious to know how much of my monthly heating bill is funding the most ridiculous sponsorship in Ireland. My friends, I give you the €4.5 million Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. See how it trips so easily off the tongue. How it is already a household name. How it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about my gas provider. How it makes me think that Bord Gáis are indeed a cultured lot of altruists who patronise the arts in this country.

And I’d also like to know what proportion of my electricity bill contributed to the transmogrification of the old, reliable, staid, semi-state, comfortable ESB to the dazzling, dynamic, dashing Electric Ireland.

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