Bussing – it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure . . .

the new year brings sickness to our doggs like january allows the snow drops to floweret.  work returns until the next spring break, and anger awakes after its Christmas hibernation, the 2013 welcome begins.

a fresh start or a lingering headache troubling the mind?

eye dunno? yew tell me

* * *

the unionists are in agreement with their drivers that the cost cutting measure is a step too far. to lose €60 – €70 per week is a sacrifice they are unwilling to make, better the customer walks.  they voted 92 – 8 in favour of striking as staff objected to company plans to cut premium payments, increase working hours and change other working conditions.

Michael Faherty spoke: “Staff will not be working the new changes on Sunday and the company better take that on board”

Bus Eireann’s cost-cutting plan includes reducing overtime rates from 1.5-1.25 times; the working week for clerical and executive staff moving from 36 to 39 hours; reducing annual leave by three days this year and in 2014 and 2015; and a one-third cut in other allowances and expenses.

The company has around 2,500 staff, with about two-thirds employed as drivers.

. . . and how much does an irish bus driver earn?  conservatives believe that the average  bus driver in ireland earns about €33, 000 per year however others such as ‘yiwef’ believe they can take close to €50, 000 home although i don’t buy that forra second.  their earings though are not what concerns me, itz that their employer is losing close to €16 million per year, and their employer is government owned, financed by taxpayers and bankrolled by me.  ultimately this measure is neccessary yet their unionist masters seem to believe itz better to lose some drivers, provide a lousier service and keep the green for their friendly automobilists.

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