outrage that stirrups the emotion . . .

Eyem in the kitchen heating tinned oxtail soup with the bitch faces fighting at my feet while wifey weads with peace in the living room, wine on the wadiator and ‘news’ on the teevee.  The top story tells us that horse DNA has been found in some frozen burgers processed and sold in Ireland and eyem thinking wherez the story here? 

HORSE DNA FOUND IN FROZEN BURGERS outrages the journalist once again . . .

So what if horse DNA was found in these ‘beef’ burghers, eyem thinking shame it wasint horse meat. 

Outrage continues . . . 29% of horse DNA found in one burgher stocked by Tesco!

Frozen meat patties aint good FULLSTOP.  Itz not the horse crap that worries me, itz everything else that makes up the burgher.

* * *

Frozen food is bad and not good, i can’t imagine reheating frozen dog food so why would i reheat food for me? although i do, as i like how frozen food tastes and i kan pretend i’ve cooked.  i know itz not really food, more confectionary, but so what? i love nothing more than a bag of frozen onion rings, frozen crispy beef & onion pancakes and frozen potato waffles in the evening accompanied by a large pint of cold cola, itza treat although sometimes i can imagine eating this krap every evening after work but then eyed get fat and soon find myself on operation transformation.  

Horse DNA in frozen burghers is not a health scare, it won’t kill the consumer, so . . . wherez the story? I guess the story is that this outrage becomes another stick to beat the government with.  And thatz it.  It could possibly jeopardise jobs in meat processing plants as some of their produce cannot now be sold.  In the recession that we are experiencing itz good to know that our journalists are risking jobs because of some no story. 

Well done journalists, eyel have a big mac and why?

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