No smoke without ire


Minister for Health James Reilly’s latest mission is to exile already beleaguered smokers from outdoor smoking areas, beaches, their own cars, homes and public parks.

This could well be the final straw. Our nanny state has gone too far this time.

Personal responsibility is being banished along with the smokers, raw milk drinkers, rare burger eaters, children running in playgrounds, skateboarders and turf cutters.

If we want to smoke, drink, shag and eat ourselves to an early grave then we should allowed to do so with impunity, discreetly inside the boundaries of the private sphere, not harried, heckled, hen-pecked and harangued by our shrewish government health and happiness evangelists.

Hot on the heels of the RSA, another government funded quango overstepping its remit and squandering public funds on a messianic witch hunt is Safefood.

While I can accept them advising me on how not to poison my nearest and dearest during barbeque season, it’s far less palatable to be told that if my waist measures more than 32” for a woman or 37” for a man, I am overweight.

Such are the facile generalisations that fuel neuroses everywhere.

Last year in Ireland, two barmen were charged with manslaughter for allowing some idiot to drink himself to death by consuming pints of spirits and then passing out alone.

On this occasion they were acquitted, but another judge on another day, could just as easily have convicted them.

Following this logic, an employee in McDonald’s who serves a morbidly obese customer the burger that induces a fatal heart attack would be similarly guilty.

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