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“It is the greatest good to the greatest number of people which is the measure of right and wrong”

And while we’re on the subject, Aviva Insurance yesterday announced a 6.4% rise in premiums from next month, citing “the rising cost of claims” as justification. So while greedy claimants might think they’re screwing the system, everyone pays in the … Continue reading

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Nobody puts baby in the courtroom

A big thank you to Servant to the Public for bringing this week’s Judge Dread to our attention. As far as we can figure, here’s the sequence of events… A mother fed her 4 month old baby some Heinz Baby … Continue reading

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Battle of twits

After much reflection we’ve decided that the best way to resolve the Croke Park Agreement negotiations is through a Princess Bride-style battle of wits between Leo Varadkar and David Begg.

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Blame game

On the Marian Finucane show at the weekend, Blair Horan, one of the architects of the original Croke Park agreement bemoaned the dire straits that many public sector workers now found themselves in, faced with crippling mortgages “through no fault … Continue reading

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“Loss and possession, death and life are one, there falls no shadow where there shines no sun”

The naive belief that two can meet and promise each other their lives.  To remain faithful and true to one another.  The naive belief that a child is born in love and forever cared, to return the truth in adulthood.  … Continue reading

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Judge Dread

A Judge Dread entry for this week has us more than usually incensed. A pizza delivery man dropping junk mail leaflets into a letterbox in Dublin had his hand bitten by a dog, necessitating a tetanus shot. The owners claimed … Continue reading

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Pope Idol

A new reality TV show produced by Simon Cowell Contestants battle it out to be crowned supreme pontiff of Christendom. Challenges include extreme pope mobile driving, surviving assassination attempts, ring kissing endurance trials and Latin chanting.

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“what thiz country needs is more unemployed politicians”

the house is close to ‘town’ butta ten minute walk to the shops.  itz small with two bedrooms and a bathroom, the kitchen is insignificant and don’t talk to them about the living room, though next month the house is … Continue reading

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Airing our dirty laundry

Judging the (mis)deeds of yesterday through the lens of the mores and morality of today is a dangerous game. Gadamer talks of a Fusion of Horizons, in the science of interpretation, where the ontological parameters of the subject encounter that … Continue reading

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