“what thiz country needs is more unemployed politicians”

the house is close to ‘town’ butta ten minute walk to the shops.  itz small with two bedrooms and a bathroom, the kitchen is insignificant and don’t talk to them about the living room, though next month the house is theirs.

“paid next to nothing for it inda eighties, and now itz worth a kewel €425, 000, how ’bout them apples, hey?” says john, a car mechanic.

* * *

dubliners are smart; sell the former council house and make the profit, buy a bigger home forra lot less in some nondescript commuter town in meath or kildare.  take the family on holidays to spain where their friends go, heck! some even have houses there.  buy the latest phone, the latest teevee with the fabulous sky deal, get the back garden landscaped and get the audi out in front, as the neighbours call round for the barbeque with the chicken wings and tins of heineken.

“eyed like an aquarium, with sum lizards” says john, and why not? you buy three fish lizards john, your worth it! or so your wife has been led to believe by the girls selling sex in the city, as she drinks her tropicuncho’muncho with her friends dympna and hilda, outside mick wallaces’ new italian eatery somewhere in the black pool.

john’s happie out with hiz new life and new job.

. . . and then the partie ends . . .

* * *

johns angry, the government let those house prices get out of control, they put all the eggs in one basket and look what they did to john as heez stuck in savage land having to drink the tins of lidl own brand heineken at home . . . onna ford super sunday! life’s not fair he rages, as he looks at his three fish lizards boxed by the french door leading to the overgrown landscaped patio deck garden area where dolores once drank the tropical juice with her friends dympna and hilda, but shees gone now and john is left with the two boys, both unemployed, like himself.

* * *

his friends are stuck with him in muckville but they don’t call ’round so much these days so he talks to joe but all joe wants to know is if heez angry and he is and joez angry too.  the television crowd called over the other day “doing some documentary” and now johnz gonna be on the teevee with miriam or pat.

of course heez questioned whether he did the right thing selling up, moving down and buying the lott, but for the life of him he just kant understand how the government let him down and now they’re only giving him the basics such as; €180 per week, a medical card and childrens allowance worth €65 a week.  anyway heel worry about hiz worries later, heez off to seville next month . . .

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