Judge Dread


A Judge Dread entry for this week has us more than usually incensed.

A pizza delivery man dropping junk mail leaflets into a letterbox in Dublin had his hand bitten by a dog, necessitating a tetanus shot.

The owners claimed the letterbox had a protective flap at the back and that the incident could not have happened.

Judge Matthew Deery, who has featured with alarming regularity in our Judge Dread cases, dismissed the case on the grounds that the claimant had no legal permission to put his hand through the letterbox.

The claimant proceeded to appeal the judgement in The High Court.

Now maybe it’s just me, but I thought the High Court was there for cases of particularly gravity or of national interest.

Certainly not to satisfy the demands of a greedy, scheming delivery boy with a sense of entitlement, undoubtedly stoked by even greedier lawyers.

The Irish Independent reports that the defendant knew nothing about the incident until a group of lads called to his door claiming one of them had been bitten. “He was looking for money and said his solicitor had told him he would get money. I told him to **** off.”

If only High Court Judge Iseult O’Malley had done the same.

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