Blame game


On the Marian Finucane show at the weekend, Blair Horan, one of the architects of the original Croke Park agreement bemoaned the dire straits that many public sector workers now found themselves in, faced with crippling mortgages “through no fault of their own”.

Surely to God no one forced them to accept all that money from the bank with a 100% mortgage repayable over 35 years on a loan at 8 or even 10 times their current salary for a modest 4 bed semi in the suburbs of an unfashionable (but up and coming) part of Dublin with a long commute and a poor bus service.

As much as the banks, the estate agents, the government, the developers and the regulators all colluded in inflating an already over-heating property market, anyone who purchased a property during the boom make a conscious decision to do so.

And if they didn’t reflect too deeply on the potential long term consequences of their decision, then they only have themselves to blame.

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