“when the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness”

I got up this morning
And I put on my shoes
I tied my shoes
Then I washed my face
I went to the mirror


For to comb my head
I made a move
Didn’t know what to do
I tipped way forward
Got to break and run

Baby, this ain’t me
Baby, this ain’t me
Got so ugly I don’t even know myself . . .

. . . nor what has happened to certainties in life.  Sometimes I feel like savage John, at home with my family of ignorant natives believing in marriage, natural birth, family life and religion.  This brave new world of soft despotism, a welfare-state based on principles of stability and shallow happiness is slowly removing our shared sense of values, of common ground and leaving us with . . .

* * *

I read the church indoctrinates the young and I don’t believe these lies, as tradition is the time machine connecting the past with the now but those years of yore are over and our beliefs are obsolete, a once defeated code of oppression has been resurrected, copied and pasted from the east and placed under the heading of equality which is the beginning of a nightmare with no alarm set to wake.  Apathy is the curse uniting us, drugging me and you with freedom and feeding us both with the glamour of a caste we’re told to despise.

If the old ways are in place to brainwash, it’s only to believe the truth that two legs are better than four.

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