Money for Nothing


And in case you were wondering why the country is bankrupt, the high court recently ruled that the Minister of Education had no legal right to cease paying two VEC bosses an allowance for work that they no longer do.

Joe McDonagh of Galway VEC and Katie Sweeney of Mayo VEC, both in receipt of salaries in excess of €100,000, were also paid a €12,000 annual allowance to oversee the School Rural Transport Scheme.

The transport scheme was handed over to local providers in 2012, meaning the VEC bosses were no longer involved, but insisted they should be entitled to keep the allowance.

Mr Justice Hogan ruled that the Minister acted illegally in cancelling the allowance, noting that only the VEC had the right to determine the remuneration of its staff.

I think it’s unlikely the VEC bosses will vote to terminate their own allowances.

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3 Responses to Money for Nothing

  1. beyondlisbon says:

    Pretty much the same thing here, I’m afraid…

  2. RoSy says:

    Everywhere – sadly.
    These people don’t need it either. They fub a job – get let go & still get paid.

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