Bin there, done that

rubbish bin dublin city

Since the introduction of waste disposal charges a couple of years back, there has been a huge increase in the incidence of illegal dumping and “fly-tipping” in the capital.

Yesterday while waiting for the bus I witnessed 3 local residents dump their household rubbish next to a public bin.

In a typically enlightened response to this growing problem, the council has simply removed the bins.

The logic that, in the absence of bins, people won’t litter is spurious at best.

Personal views on bin charges notwithstanding, dumping household rubbish on the street, in hedgerows and down riverbanks is utterly unacceptable.

There are currently only 25 litter wardens employed in Dublin city, insufficient to serve as an effective deterrent to illegal dumping.

Reinstating our public bins and perhaps providing local recycling facilities in every neighbourhood, as they do on the continent, is perhaps a better long term solution.


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