Fashion crisis

The Sunday Times reports that US fashion label Abercrombie & Fitch is experiencing a consumer backlash following a misjudged statement by CEO Mike Jeffries, that the retailer only caters to the thin and cool.

Los Angeles Film maker Greg Karber has spearheaded a campaign urging consumers to give their second-hand Abercrombie clothing to homeless people. His intention is to “make Abercrombie & Fitch the No 1 brand of homeless apparel”.

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3 Responses to Fashion crisis

  1. Reblogged this on J.D. Gallagher and commented:
    This is a great post and video on Abercrombie & Finch, the cool, the not so cool and the homeless.

  2. rjmackin says:

    Thanks for the reblog. They’re going to do to A&F what Danielle Westbrook did to Burberry!

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