On the Road

stop sign ireland

Spare a thought for Big Mac who failed his driving test on Friday.

The costs associated with becoming a responsible road user have risen staggeringly over the past few years.

Aspiring drivers must now hand over extortionate amounts of cash for the privilege of getting stuck in traffic, amassing penalty points and being clamped on a regular basis.

We estimate that by the time you get your flimsy pink piece of paper (soon to be cosmopolitan European style plastic card) in your grubby fist, you will have paid out in the region of €600. And that’s only if you’re one of the lucky ones who pass their test first time.

The costs mount up as follows:

  • Provisional licence – €35
  • Mandatory theory test – €45
  • Official pre-test preparation book & CD – €40
  • Mandatory Essential Driver Training (12 lessons) – approx. €365 or up to €45 per lesson
  • Driving test – €85
  • 10 year licence – €55

And then there’s road tax, insurance, tolls, parking metres, petrol and maintenance.

It’s almost making us reconsider taking the bus… almost.

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6 Responses to On the Road

  1. You have omitted the now mandatory pine tree air freshener and county colours window sticker – €10 (Regulation (EC) No 78/2009, Article 9,2)

  2. RoSy says:

    This reminds me…
    …I have to look for a driving school for my son.

  3. hjfoley says:

    Jesus but that is expensive. I have a Thai driving license it cost me about ten Euro for five years. The test would keep you in laughter for another 5 years

  4. rjmackin says:

    And then there’s the entire generation that shouldn’t even be allowed on the roads that were handed licences without sitting a test back in the 70’s! Most of them are Micra or Punto drivers.

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