Rights and wrongs


Looks like a virulent strain of judicial madness is spreading to our friends in Europe…

The European Court of Human Rights has just ruled that the UK violated the European Convention on Human Rights by sentencing convicted murderers to life imprisonment without parole or review and deemed their treatment to be “inhuman and degrading”.

Tell that to the victims’ families.

Was not the brutal killing of their loved ones a violation of the most intrusive kind? Was the taking of a life not the ultimate act of degradation?

In Ireland, we have our own history of rights violations. Jailed gangster Wayne Dundon recently protested that he was denied the right to learn Arabic and Turkish while serving time for threatening to kill a witness.

Perhaps the European Court will next determine that freedom is a fundamental human right and that imprisonment contravenes that…

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2 Responses to Rights and wrongs

  1. RoSy says:

    Criminals too often seem to have more rights than victims.
    So much wrongs in the rights – eh?

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