I love Lucy

Lucinda Creighton

Whatever your views on Lucinda Creighton’s stance on the abortion legislation, it must be acknowledged that she did the unthinkable in politics – stood by her beliefs and acted with integrity.

In voting against the government last night, she was aware that she would be sacrificing her nascent political career on the altar of idealism. Many of her colleagues who held similar beliefs chose to act in a more expedient manner and towed the party line, putting politics above principles.

Lucinda must be commended for her actions. She is that rarest of species, a politician that keeps a promise.

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2 Responses to I love Lucy

  1. Totally have to agree with your comments here – Well done Lucy !

    I have stayed up late each of the last two night’s listening to the events that she had to think hard about and had to come to the same conclusion as herself.

    Well done Lucy for having some Balls, more than your male work colleague’s anyway

    This Governments has proved more than once that they just seem to be trying to make themselves as unpopular as possible and as fast as possible, a bunch of middle aged men voting on what affects women, (Like they Know!) then using this vote to kill the career of one of Ireland best female TD’s/MEP’s

    Well done, FG – one down only a few to go before your completely Male !!!

    And they want to remove the second house, when this is how they act – never mind the public, do as the boss says or your scrapped ! Very democratic – is that !

  2. rjmackin says:

    I think throughout this whole debacle, almost every TD has lost sight of their primary purpose, which is to act as representatives for the electorate. Political parties forcing members to vote in a particular way on important issues of public interest and human rights, makes a complete mockery of the democratic process.

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