Falling Star

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A judgement is expected today in the defamation case against Sunday Times columnist Brenda Power.

In March 2009 Power wrote an opinion piece entitled “A Star is born, but not on camera”.

It documented a failed circuit court case by John McCauley.

McCauley had intended to film the birth of his child in Mount Carmel Hospital but when the C-section procedure became serious, the midwife asked him to cease filming so she could focus on clearing the baby’s lungs to get her breathing.

This clearly offended McCauley, who made the bizarre decision to sue the mid-wife who had successfully delivered his baby girl.

He failed in his action.

Commenting on the dismissal of his circuit court case, Power’s article decried his need to take centre stage during his baby’s birth and his appalling behaviour in suing the midwife who was diligently performing her duties.

McCauley then moved to sue Power for defamation claiming her article was a character assassination and a malicious piece of journalism.

During the course of the defamation proceedings, Power’s defence argued that any reputational damage inflicted on McCauley was through his own actions in taking the circuit court case and his subsequent appearance on Pat Kenny’s Radio Show, rather than as a result of Power’s opinion piece.

It appears that McCauley is a serial litigant, having taken previous actions against five women, including an air hostess who refused to serve him a drink.

One wonders why a man, clearly so protective of his reputation, would expose himself to the intense public and media scrutiny that is bound to ensue from his multiple court actions.

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2 Responses to Falling Star

  1. RoSy says:

    Gosh – I sure hope that he doesn’t get a red cent out of this. What a total loser.

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