Birth control

flower wind chime

This week’s Big Mac award for utter stupidity goes to a Kilkenny woman named Aja Teehan. She’s taking a high court action to be allowed to give birth naturally at home. The HSE refuse to allow a midwife to attend her. They don’t permit home deliveries in cases where the woman has had a previous Caesarean delivery. For her own safety. She thinks she knows better. She’s a statistician. She claims she understands the odds.

What is clear is that she’s 100% stupid. She’s willing to put herself and her unborn child in danger so she can have some hippy home birth in a bath tub surrounded by wind chimes and incense while reciting Buddhist chants and eating tofu. It’s just plain daft. And a damn waste of the high court and HSE’s time. Some people are too stupid to be allowed procreate.

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2 Responses to Birth control

  1. RoSy says:

    Goodness – Ain’t that the truth!

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