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In the latest of a series of moves to squeeze the final drops of life blood out of Irish taxpayers, the government has announced the introduction of a broadcast charge which will replace the existing TV licence fee.

Currently anyone in possession of a TV set capable of receiving a transmission must pay €160 annually to support the inflated salaries of the cronies in our national broadcaster.

We’ve already documented the exorbitant salaries paid to RTE broadcasters in previous posts and it’s clear that inefficiency and incompetence are endemic in the organisation.

Pat Rabbitte, speaking of the plans on Morning Ireland today, forecasted a €30m windfall for RTE as a result of the new stealth tax, from a reduction in evasions.

The tax will be applicable to anyone with a device capable of accessing public service content – smartphones, tablets, laptops – which Rabbitte believes is everyone. In fact, he condescendingly labelled those without a TV or content enabled device “cavemen”.

This effectively means that if I have a smartphone, I must pay a fee to RTE. Irrespective of whether I access any RTE content (which I don’t as it’s utter shite).

If the new broadcast charge was designed to support diversity of content and was spread across multiple indigenous broadcasters, including niche interests, then it might be more palatable.

Irish people will find it difficult to swallow an increase in fees for RTE when their programming is already commercially funded and their schedule heavily dominated by repeats and international imports.

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3 Responses to Licence to bill

  1. Hello 🙂

    You know what since Xmas I have not listened to any RTE or much Irish media, all we get, like you say is programs that would have you jumping off the nearest 5 story or have you wondering why you should get up in the mornings anyway ?

    As you know I am not originally from this wonderful place, my wife is. When my family visit I panic if we put the Irish radio or the TV on, that – they will go home feeling the same and catch the depression that programs like Prime time, Joe duffy, Vincent brown, and almost any irish documentaries give you, I wonder if they will go home with the impression that I live among the clinically depressed, drug dealers, murderers, child abusers or many other things.

    I know I don’t, I know just how good and happy the people of this country can be (Money or no Money) and are for the most part!!!

    Now that want everyone to pay for as you so correctly put it Shite, with no public say as to what we want to watch, what we would like to watch and what we don’t. You now have to pay even if you decide to dump RTE tv and radio.

    You know what the answer is, even if we have to pay – don’t watch, don’t listen, and don’t tune in. Just don’t – simple as that. If their ratings fall through the floor, see just how fast the reconsider doing this. See just how much they get paid with no one tuning in !

    Phone or write to you local TD and tell them you wont be watching anything any more!

    Like I say after the new year I decided not to tune in, a personal decision. I have all the time in the world for this country and its issues but it was not doing me any good to see Ireland through the eyes of it’s media and their sad and twisted view of this country.

    I have spent seven months feeling that I can like this place again, I always knew I did but listening to Irish media for the two years before this, well my love for Ireland was being tested.

    They want me to pay the wages of people who spend the money on that depressing view of the place, NO thank you, enough is enough !

    • rjmackin says:

      So true. I don’t think any media organisation, but RTE in particular, offers an alternative view to the pervasive misery. Programmes like “Banjaxed. How the country went broke” or “Gangland – the criminals who live on your street” just add to the doom and gloom but don’t suggest any solutions.
      Not a bad idea to just switch off. With no viewers, there’s no way they could command the advertising and sponsorship fees they do currently – €500,000 to sponsor a season of the Late Late?????
      At least in the UK the BBC produce some quality programmes (I’m thinking BBC4 etc) and you don’t have to sit through endless commercials for detergents you don’t want or need.

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