Moontown Rat

Bob Geldof Space

It was announced this week that ageing rock star and all round philanthropist Sir Bob Geldof is set to become the first Irishman in space.

He’s booked himself a €100,000 seat on a Space Expedition Corporation flight scheduled to depart next year.

Ironically the first “Irishman” in space holds a British passport but we’ll overlook that, just as we will if Rory McIllroy declares for Britain in the next Olympics!

It’s a bit depressing from a national identity perspective, that our first interstellar export will be the mullet headed 80’s rocker behind such musical car crashes as Rat Trap and Banana Republic

Could we not have frozen Seamus Heaney cryogenically and sent him instead? Even though he’s technically a corpse, he’s still more charismatic than Geldof.

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One Response to Moontown Rat

  1. OH, that hurts !

    What can you say ? 😉 🙂

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