Things fall apart

enda kenny fewer politicians

It’s becoming increasingly evident that our present government lacks the balls to make difficult decisions.

Instead of tackling the real and substantive issues facing our country, they distract us with utterly pointless and extraneous concerns.

They have failed in reducing unemployment. Over 400,000 people are still trapped in a welfare system that disincentivises people from working.

The government is afraid to redress this imbalance as it will be interpreted as a move to cut welfare benefits.

They have failed in improving our Health Service. For the second year running, James Reilly’s department of health are going to over-spend their budget and require a cash injection. Service levels are still abysmal. Many people under financial pressure are being forced to give up their private health insurance, meaning the problem is only going to get worse.

The government is afraid to take the drastic action necessary to reform the HSE as they don’t want confrontations with the public sector unions, the consultants and the pharmaceutical companies.

They have failed in addressing issues in the housing market. Over 200,000 people are deep in negative equity. In some cases like Priory Hall, their homes are effectively worthless. Young couples who need to accommodate their growing families are trapped in tiny urban apartments. The market has stagnated. The construction industry has been decimated and an entire generation has been crippled by onerous debts.

The government is afraid to act decisively on questions of personal insolvency, debt forgiveness and inevitably repossessions, as the sacrosanct nature of the family home (even when dealing with Buy to Let properties) is used as emotional blackmail.

They have failed in supporting small business. Our high streets are like ghost towns. Nearly one in eight commercial properties in Ireland is unoccupied and small businesses are closing their doors every day.

The government is afraid to tackle upwards-only rent reviews on properties which are largely owned by Nama developers and afraid to compel our state owned banks to start lending money to stimulate growth in the small business sector and ultimately create jobs.

Yes, instead of focusing on the genuine challenges, what are they preoccupying themselves with? The abolition of the Seanad. An anachronistic, white elephant that we all know serves no useful purpose other than to provide sinecures for failed TD’s, councillors and other government cronies.

Putting such a puerile question to the people is frankly insulting, a waste of our time, an insult to our hard-fought suffrage and as entirely pointless as the Children’s Referendum.

Bread and circuses indeed….

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