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And not a drop to drink…

One of the only things you can be sure of in Ireland is that it will rain. A lot and often. We have one of the highest levels of precipitation in Europe, averaging between 150 days a year in the … Continue reading

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Witch trials

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Minority Report

While it may be true that the measure of a society lies in how it treats its minorities, it might also be worth considering how minorities treat us back. Consciousness of racial discrimination has reached such a heightened state in … Continue reading

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Busman’s Holiday

It was inevitable, once the government decided to cut the public transport state subventions, and the various operators’ cost saving proposals were utterly vanquished by obdurate trade unions, that the consumer would pay the price. And hey presto, next week … Continue reading

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Is this the worst outdoor ad ever?

Working in the marketing industry, I’ve made my fair share of crap ads over the years, but I don’t think anything rivals this piece of utter rubbish from Nationwide UK (Ireland). I mean what exactly is the point here? Does … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

When a very average 4 bed semi-detached house in a very average Dublin suburb has an asking price of half a million euros, it’s obvious something is very wrong. There’s been a lot of talk of a mini-bubble in the … Continue reading

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Architectural Abominations

Following on from Uglee Dublin and inspired by our friend Arran Q Henderson, we’d like to ask which buildings in Dublin would you demolish, obliterate or otherwise make disappear. Oh and to make it harder (since we’re really spoilt for … Continue reading

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Luvlee Dublin #2

Mostly nature this time round. But all to be found in the city or the suburbs. I love the light at this time of year. And one of our favourite spot, Il Primo restaurant on Montague Street.  

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One Direction v God

Only in Ireland… In the blue corner we have notable boy band 1D, famous for their floppy hair, washboard stomachs and obsessive fans (otherwise known as Directioners). In the red corner we have God, the bearded one, famous for omnipotence, … Continue reading

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uglee Dublin #6

       . . . and two to make us smile . . .

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