Follow the money

Illegal dumping Ireland

It sure is nice to know where our hard earned taxpayers’ money is going.

The public accounts committee has just published a report that documents a staggering amount of waste and inefficiency in government and state agency spending.

The highlights for me were:

€33 million paid to a developer in compensation for a failed land swap deal that was blocked by the Dept of the Environment (a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing).

€119m in waste management costs for cleaning up illegal dumps that the local authorities should have been monitoring.

€3.3m for the aborted building and subsequent demolition of a new Pathology Lab & Coroner’s Office.

€300,000 in wages the CSO continued to pay to an employee who had left the agency 5 years previously.

What is most galling is that the perpetrators of this appalling wastefulness will face no sanctions for their incompetence. There will be no consequences other than perhaps a strongly worded letter from the Public Accounts Committee.

We’ll never get to a point where government departments and agencies operate efficiently without accountability and, where necessary, penalties for mismanagement.

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