uglee Dublin #6

grafton street     


office workers

bad social


bad alley 1



 . . . and two to make us smile . . .

the sun


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4 Responses to uglee Dublin #6

  1. I actually have a bit of a soft spot for that first building, at the top of Grafton Street, with the silly little concrete turret.
    It definitely has bit more charm than the monstrosity opposite, the odious Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, with its ludicrous lacy white exterior steel frame cladding. – trying to look dainty and “French” or something, maybe like some crass, Po-Mo shite version of Mississippi river boat “look”.

    Always makes me reach for the rocket launcher. (unti I remember I don’t own a rocket launcher, (more’s the pity, what? ))

    God, what were they thinking?

    Oh sorry, my fault, Irish developers, they weren’t thinking.

    • rjmackin says:

      I hear you. We sometimes (usually after a few glasses of wine) play the “Which buildings would you demolish if you could choose 5” game. Stephen’s Green wouldn’t be in my top 5 but it would be close. We might do a blog post on this topic to see what other people think!

      • Rocking idea for a post, love it. Quite jealous I didn’t think of it first in fact. Better do it quick before i steal it! You’ll get a ton of responses, its the kind of topic (list) people love to mouth off on and debate. Sure I practically have my own list ready to go. Although I’ll struggle to limit it to just 5!

      • rjmackin says:

        Ok done! Looking forward to hearing your 5…

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