One Direction v God

One Direction with popcorn

Only in Ireland…

In the blue corner we have notable boy band 1D, famous for their floppy hair, washboard stomachs and obsessive fans (otherwise known as Directioners).

In the red corner we have God, the bearded one, famous for omnipotence, creating the world and marginally less obsessive worshipers.

The background to this titanic struggle is as follows…

Raheen Gaelscoil in County Limerick has unfortunately scheduled next year’s First Holy Communion ceremonies on the same date as a One Direction concert.

Many solicitous parents have already purchased (at considerable expense one imagines) tickets for this extravaganza.

They have asked school authorities to move the Communion to another date.

The school authorities aren’t inclined to oblige.

Stalemate ensues.

So today, we’d like to ask whether the school should reschedule the First Holy Communion to accommodate the One Direction concert?

Tell us what you think here.


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2 Responses to One Direction v God

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  2. I want a third option: cancel them both!

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