Is this the worst outdoor ad ever?

Nationwide outdoor poster

Working in the marketing industry, I’ve made my fair share of crap ads over the years, but I don’t think anything rivals this piece of utter rubbish from Nationwide UK (Ireland).

I mean what exactly is the point here?

Does our hero, the bastard love child of Timothy Dalton and Chris de Burgh, like to sit and ponder his savings over a nice cappuccino?

Why are there two cups of coffee on the table? Has he been stood up? Is he hoping to pull a nice lady he can have an intimate savings conversation with?

And why on earth is (Ireland) in brackets?

The ad is running in Ireland. We are not part of the UK. The brackets make it feel like an afterthought.

All in all, they would have been better off using the media space to run the following message…

churchill two fingers


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One Response to Is this the worst outdoor ad ever?

  1. Has he been staring off into the middle-distance for two huge cups of coffee? Maybe he’s pondering how much longer he can ‘save’ his pee…

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