The Dog Whisperer

Beagle and Beer

So we’ve finally admitted to ourselves that we’ve abysmally failed in training our two 18 month old Beagles.

We’ve researched extensively and spent long hours stuffing them with treats in a vain attempt to at least enforce a modicum of obedience but we’ve very little to show for it.

Here is the sum total of our achievements to date.

They will usually sit, when bribed with treats.

They will sometimes stay, when bribed with treats.

They will occasionally come, when bribed with treats.

In all other aspects they exhibit the famous Beagle “selective deafness”. They come only when they are ready, run off, pull on the lead, wantonly destroy household items, steal any food left in snatching distance and howl at random passers-by.

Having admitted defeat we are bringing in the professionals and have our first appointment with the dog whisperer today.

I anticipate a profound embarrassment when he discovers how little we’ve managed to accomplish in 16 months of Beagle parenting.

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4 Responses to The Dog Whisperer

  1. RoSy says:

    Funny – but – not.
    Hope all goes well. Please do share the results if you don’t mind.
    Best of luck being trained 😉

  2. I don’t know much about beagles! The only people I know who had them kept them outside in a kennel and only used them as hunting dogs. They were not pets. Maybe your two need a “job”?

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