Driving me round the bend…

road markings dublin

Sometimes I wonder who’s in charge of Irish road planning…

So called improvements range from the bizarre to the ridiculous.

Why is it that major roadworks always commence as soon as the summer holidays are over and the traffic doubles?

The Spawell roundabout near Templeogue is a notorious traffic blackspot, so I was encouraged when I saw the orange bollards go up. Finally, I thought, they are going to fix this mess.

Sadly that was not the case. They were merely narrowing the existing lanes to make room for a wider cycle track and in the process causing major tailbacks and general chaos.

This particular stretch of road isn’t often frequented by cyclists but I’m sure the council can feel a certain smug satisfaction about their eco credentials.

Clanbrassil Street on the approach to Dublin city centre resembles one of the seven circles of Hell during morning rush-hour. The council’s solution to this was to turn one of the lanes of the dual carriageway into a bus lane. Tailbacks now extend as far as Harold’s Cross.

Every intersection, however minor, now boasts a set of traffic lights, where a roundabout or indeed nothing at all, would have been better.

Every estate in the city has been afflicted by a plague of vertiginous speed ramps, reducing traffic to a crawl and causing damage to vehicles’ undercarriages.

And don’t get me started about road markings… It’s like some council employee was let loose with a paint brush and told to express themselves.

I’m beginning to think there’s a concerted campaign to push motorists off the road. The council, when challenged, recommend taking public transport or cycling as alternatives.

As I’m neither that patient nor suicidal, I’ll stick to four wheels.

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