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Jobless Paddy

Last night’s Prime Time on RTE asked whether an entire generation of Ireland’s youth have been marginalised by the economic crisis.

Under 25’s, it reported, are being forced to remain in education, emigrate or join the welfare queues.

Most of those featured in the show claimed they were eager to work but that the government had failed to find a job for them. They felt angry and betrayed.

Is it just me or is there something fundamentally wrong here?  When did it become the responsibility of the state to find jobs for its citizens?

The mentality that the state will provide can only lead to indolence and a culture of dependency.

In a recession, competition for jobs is intense and candidates have to demonstrate hunger, energy, commitment and persistence in order to secure employment.

Jobs do not fall miraculously into the laps of young graduates. They have to be fought for.

Speaking on Newstalk last month, hotelier Liam Griffen (who started his career as a kitchen porter) advised young people to take apprenticeships, internships or volunteer work, to be prepared to start at the bottom and work their way up rather than waiting for the state to intervene.

While programmes like Jobbridge have occasionally been abused by unscrupulous employers, in the main they provide opportunities for young candidates to prove themselves, get a foot in the door and begin to build a career.

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4 Responses to Giz a job

  1. “The mentality that the state will provide can only lead to indolence and a culture of dependency.

    In a recession, competition for jobs is intense and candidates have to demonstrate hunger, energy, commitment and persistence in order to secure employment.”

    For the first time in Months, (Mainly in a effort to avoid – endless depression !) I did watch the program.

    I think your post this morning is spot on !

    Harsh it maybe to some, but spot on.

    I cannot help but feel that the European project has failed, its leaders have failed to get across in full what it is about and who it is for!!!

    If you are from Europe, you are meant to be apart of a common resource for both Jobs and trade.

    Yet politicians at a local level continue to offer local solutions in an effort to keep there own status even in times when at a local level nothing can be offered !

    They do this for your votes, they lie about their abilities to offer Local solutions and continue to promote themselves as local Hero’s when they have no ability any more to do much at all.

    The pure fact is that Jobs are now Global, the big players who offer most of the JOB’S are Global, They expect you to look for them and have no obligation what so ever to move to your location (Including your nation!).

    They have no Interest and take no account for your local politicians – It is a Government lie that they are the Job creators, in any form what so ever !

    The only reason that any of them are based in Ireland is for simple business reason, (Tax, Location, Staff costs, costs of office space, etc….).

    This Government needs to be honest and stop, reading the New papers and then putting out a press release as if they just created some job ( Compete rubbish !)

    They also need to stop wheeling in a TD at office opening, etc….

    Its the firms that are creating the jobs NOT any TD’s, The only reason that a company allows a TD to turn up at an announcement if for PR!, nothing to do with the TD having done anything !

    Stop this and I think you will get at part of what your saying, i.e. people thinking that there TD’s are doing something, they are not !

    The European TD’s also need to stand up and tell everyone the truth !

    THE EU ! expect you to move anywhere in Europe to get a JOB, because that’s what the EU is about, shared Trade, thus Share JOB’s , thus shared locations for these Jobs !

    • rjmackin says:

      That’s a good point that it’s the government that have perpetuated the myth that they have a role to play in job creation. I am sick of reading stories like “Marketing firm in Dublin to create 7 new jobs (with the help of the IDA)” right next to a story about a multi-national pulling out of Waterford with the loss of 200 jobs.

  2. Absolutely….

    People need to wake up, “IT’S A CON TRICK” for your votes – so they keep their JOBS !

  3. I can’t say where I work – but my company was recently in National news due to a massive job loss. Boils down to the government wanting us (a private company) to tender to more work for less money. We said thanks, but no thanks, we can’t afford to run in the red even deeper than we have for the last two years we had the contract. Now 80 people are out of a job. So, I can’t say I’d trust this government to do anything helpful as regards the job market.

    But…as a Yank, I never ever expected my country to provide a job for me. That’s just silly. I was never on the dole there in over 20 years working age life, and it never would have occurred to me that my lack of work had anything to do with the gov’t. Things here are different, however – it seems the current atmosphere is hell-bent on taxing everyone to death or poverty, and there is not a bit of stimulus for new businesses so we can get out of this hole. We should be able to stop relying on big corporations or the public sector to provide jobs for all of us.

    I don’t know if the young wans are thinking that or not 🙂

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