Cold comfort

Snow Dublin 2009

I can’t imagine there’ll be much public sympathy for ESB staff who, yesterday, voted in favour of industrial action which is likely to hit householders in the run up to Christmas, as temperatures plummet.

The average wage in the ESB is €65,000, that’s €30,000 more than the average industrial wage in this country.

Workers claim the strike is not over base pay but rather proposed moves to change their pension scheme from defined benefit to defined contribution.

In a climate where many of this country’s pension schemes are bankrupt, where staff in the private sector face the prospect of seeing little if any return from the money they have already invested, where the government can raid private pension funds with impunity treating them as a slush fund to prop up public sector ‘entitlements’, ESB’s staff grievances are difficult to justify.

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2 Responses to Cold comfort

  1. Red Hen says:

    Am I right in saying that employees of semi-state bodies have had no pay cuts since the onset of the austerity budgets?

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