For whom the bell curve tolls

Typically performance management systems result in a normative distribution of employees that follows a bell curve pattern as in the chart below.

bell curve performance management

Based on industry averages, approximately 70% of employees will fall around the median, with 15% under-performing and 15% over-performing.

Recent civil service performance management reviews delivered a very different outcome with over 53% of employees scoring above average and less than 2% under-performing.

Cynics will no doubt point out that public sector pay increments and promotions are linked to staff performance which may explain the divergence, but it’s clear we are fortunate to have such high calibre individuals running the country…

At least now we know why public sector pay is 33% higher than that of the private sector in Ireland. It’s because our civil servants are an exceedingly competent bunch…  At least according to themselves.

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One Response to For whom the bell curve tolls

  1. aj vosse says:

    A good take on the subject. I have used that very illustration in a post before… using the stats against management!! Always fun to smack them with their own tools!! 🙄

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