Can’t buy me love

red rose

Once again recent events have proven that there’s one rule for the wealthy in Ireland and one for everyone else.

NAMA continues to protect the interests of the developers who brought the country to its knees.

Following last month’s high court decision to award €9,000 a month living expenses (including golf club membership) to Christine Connolly, the wife of the bankrupt Priory Hall developer Larry O’Mahony; now developer Sean Dunne looks set to protect €100m from his creditors by gifting it to his wife Gayle Killilea.

The alleged agreement was this. She was to supply him with love and affection and wash the odd shirt; in return he’d give her the cash.

Beats chocolates and garage flowers any day of the week…

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2 Responses to Can’t buy me love

  1. Oh, wow! I agree beats any chocolates and flowers big time! Happy Holidays.

  2. That’s like.., €52 an hour, imagining a 4.3 week month and a 40 hour workday. If you only give her 8 hours off a day to sleep, then it’s €131 an hour.

    Heavy sigh.

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