The perfect Christmas tree

I think it might be a chick thing, but every December I torment J Mac with my search for THE PERFECT TREE. I mean, it has to be the right colour; not too green, with a touch of silver, it has to be the right height; the right width and perfectly symmetrical. For me nostalgia plays a big part. Growing up our ornaments were either inherited from grandparents or had a story behind them. So now each year our tree is adorned with hand-me-downs or knick nacks that we’ve accumulated over time. Nothing matches. I hate that every year there’s a new fashion for Christmas decorations. Monochrome, white, purple, blue. For me I’d rather our tree represents the stuff of our past years together. Chaotic, random, but warm and personal. And I love the idea that we will create our own traditions and hopefully one day pass them on to our own children.


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2 Responses to The perfect Christmas tree

  1. He’s are the ornaments with that contagious magic. 🙂

  2. Our tree is also a glorious mess! I love the stories each ornament brings to mind.

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