“I’m sorry but i’m out of milk & coffee, never mind sugar we can watch the early movie . . .”

Eyem in the kitchen at work listening to the radio and I hear the music that reminds me of 1997, but itz not n-trance, its Rod the Mod with Da Ya Think I’m Sexy and I realise what a bloody brilliant song this is. And itz even better when the others at work start slating it. 

Home over Christmas and we go forra pint in the local with moo moo and brother gene.  First things first, pint please, and then itz of to the jukebox to find Rod’s finest.  Kathleen can you raise the volume and she duly does.


At home with mah yellows and mah green bottle of beer flicking through music channels but all therez on is crap.  And then I come across Vintage teevee and I watch in the hope eyel see his video for the best song in the world, but I don’t, so I flick and watch Fox instead.  Therez too many ad breaks on mah fair and balanced channel so I continue flicking through the news channels and then the movie channels but we don’t  pay for the moviez anymore so the channel aint worth watching, and I flick through sports as I light another smoke and take another mouthful from my Polish friend, but we don’t pay for sports either so I return to the music and on the off chance I might catch Rod and his spandex I flick to Vintage and in the corner of the screen I read Rod Stewart, Da Ya Think I’m Sexy and I do and get excited, but this turns to disappointment when I think that this text is signifying the end of the song but itz not, itz only the beginning and my eyes light up through the soft focused smoke screen.  I take another drink and smoke another smoke and think whatz my favourite Christmas movie?

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