Farewell to an old friend

Jim Bermingham

Bermingham’s Pub was an oasis of calm amidst the bustle of Dublin’s Dorset Street on the North Inner City. Crossing the darkened threshold you would get the sense of being transported back in time. The interior of the bar hadn’t been touched since the 1950’s.

Lining the counter, perched on their barstools you’d find the regulars poring over the racing pages, contentedly sipping their pints of plain.

The owner Jim Bermingham was a gentle giant of a man. A former inter-county hurler for Offaly, he always had a smile and a tall tale to tell. Smartly attired in a shirt and braces with a shock of white hair, he was always fond of a pint or two and when he wasn’t behind the bar he was propping it up out front.

Legend has it that during the barmen’s strike in the 1950’s, Bermingham’s was the only public house in the vicinity of Croke Park serving on All Ireland Final’s Day. The queues stretched as far as the railway bridge in Drumcondra!

Bermingham’s closed its doors a couple of years ago when the premises was acquired by the Mater Hospital for the now abandoned Children’s Hospital project.

Jim Bermingham passed away quietly on 31st December 2013 and will be sorely missed by anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

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7 Responses to Farewell to an old friend

  1. RoSy says:

    May Mr. Bermingham rest in peace.

  2. A very nice note about a truely wonderful man… Thank you.

    He was a great father to me. He will greatly missed.

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  4. Very nice note. Thank you.

    He was a wonderful man, and a great Dad. He will be greatly missed by all.

    • rjmackin says:

      A total legend and a great namesake for you. Hope you’re doing okay.

      • He was a great character…. I miss him terribly but happy he had a such a great life… 85 years, he lived every day like it was his last, and passed away in his sleep. So I’m very thankful how it all played out for him.

        Did you drink in the bar ? Curious as to how you knew him, as the piece was perfect.

        Thanks again for the great write up… It means a lot to the those who were close to him…. Makes it all much easier deal with.

        Best Jim

      • rjmackin says:

        Jim was a friend of our family. I think the original connection was through my grandfather, Luke brady. My dad and uncles would drink in the bar. I remember particularly st Patricks days spent there as a child high on red lemonade and sweets running wild through the bar as the grown ups drank! In later years when I was old enough to go there legally I’d often drop in for a drink and a chat with himself! I have so many good memories of afternoons or evenings spent there and will never forget Jim. Best wishes to you and your family. Ruth

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