Parking mad

Clamped cars Mespil Road Dublin

Anyone who has been delayed in a meeting or on a visit to the dentist will recognise that sinking feeling as you approach your car and spot the bright yellow triangle adorning its wheel.

Once the city councils privatised traffic management, the inevitable outcome was going to be an increase in fines. It would be more palatable if there was a discernible improvement in traffic circulation in our city centres, but that is simply not the case. Traffic congestion is as bad as ever.

So it’s particularly galling to hear that last year, Ireland’s local authorities brought in over €115 million from parking charges.

Dublin City Council alone generated €30 million from parking fees and €4.3 million from clamping 56,000 vehicles.

The clamping black spots in Dublin last year were as follows:

1 Merrion Square West
2 Mespil Road
Pearse Street
4 Dominic Street Lwr
5 Ormond Quay Upr
6 Jervis Street
7 Ranelagh
8 Burlington Road
9 Rathmines Road Lwr
10 Wellington Quay

So we’d advise against parking in these areas which are as profitable for Dublin City Council as the Stillorgan Dual Carriageway is for the Gardaí!

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4 Responses to Parking mad

  1. severin says:

    Since clamping is now illegal across the EU, I personally would simply go buy a hacksaw and saw it off.

    • rjmackin says:

      I like it! I had this crazy idea a while back of buying 2 clamps and clamping myself whenever I parked. That way our friendly neighbourhood clampers couldn’t get their clamps on over them!

  2. severin says:

    Of course their next step might be to tow away though, which is harder to fight (unless you leave a person in the vehicle).

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