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Pension Tension

There appears to be a recurring theme in organisations that have contractual defined benefit pension schemes. Before Christmas, ESB staff went to the brink of strike action over an attempt by the company to redefine their defined benefit pension entitlements … Continue reading

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Tullymurry House – Co Down

On Friday the entire extended family embarked on an adventure to celebrate our patriarch’s 70th birthday. We stayed in the idyllic and pastoral Tullymurry House, just outside Newry. It’s part of the wonderful Irish Landmark Trust, whose eclectic collection of … Continue reading

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They grow up so fast

These wonderful pics of pets from then and now on Bored Panda got us thinking about how much our girls have grown in the two years we’ve been lucky to have them… So here’s Delaney and Bonnie, then and now…

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Radio Swan Song

Last Friday was a black day in the history of Irish broadcast radio. It was announced that Phantom FM, Ireland’s only alternative music station was to close with the loss of 20 jobs. Phantom had its genesis as a pirate … Continue reading

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The Hill of Allen, Kildare

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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Happy VD

In honour of our favourite Hallmark Holiday, here’s a selection of anti-Valentine’s Day cards from the wonderful but now sadly defunct

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Fail better

Bill Cullen and his partner Jackie Lavin appeared on the Marion Finucane show over the weekend. They spoke frankly about the collapse of the business empire that Bill had built from nothing over a period of 50 years. Their predicament … Continue reading

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The happiest dog in Ireland

And we thought our dogs had issues…

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Heron v Seagulls

Spotted this very regal looking heron on our walk last night, just hanging out on someone’s back wall.  A flock of cheeky seagulls were trying to move in on its turf… There was only ever going to be one winner … Continue reading

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Pylon portraits

The controversy over the proposed erection of hundreds of pylons across rural Ireland continues to rage, but in the meantime I captured these out walking the two girls last night… not so ugly after all are they?

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