Things fall apart

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Listening to the debates in Ireland over the past couple of weeks about who’s accusing who of homophobia, who’s allowed use the term and who’s permitted to debate its use, I’ve come to the conclusion that rights only exist when they conform to the liberal orthodoxy.

The emotive language of equality and rights has been wholly appropriated by minority interest groups to validate their perspective and portray anyone who has the temerity to question or disagree with them as a bigot, a fascist, a Conservative or worst of all a Catholic.

Questions are beginning to be asked about whether there can be a meaningful debate in advance of the referendum on same sex marriage since the opposing side are denied the right to express their views and greeted with a spontaneous tirade of vitriol as soon as they open their mouths.

The Liberal agenda argues that society has evolved. Traditional structures no longer exist and the concept of normal is evanescent and entirely subjective.

However, there have to be absolutes and structures in our society, otherwise we descend into chaos.

The discourse of equality carried to extremes has dangerous implications. A man wants to have two wives, or to marry his sister or to marry a minor. Is it his inalienable right to do so? Should the definition of marriage be changed to accommodate him?

Laws are written for the majority in society. We cannot legislate for the demands of minorities, however vocal. The social contract requires that minorities accede to the will of the majority for the benefit of society as a whole, thus ensuring the continuation of that society.

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3 Responses to Things fall apart

  1. You know what I’d like to see? Rights for single persons to their siblings’ estates. My hubby has three uncles, none ever married, and the oldest takes care of the other two. Their parents are dead, so if an illness strikes one of the younger brothers, there is no one to speak for them but another sibling. It could be one of the sisters, but why shouldn’t it be the man who has spent his whole life looking out for his younger brothers? Why shouldn’t he have some rights to take care of them when ill, or their estate when they die?

    This is why I do support gay marriage. I’ve been a part of a probate case in the USA where half of a couple who had been together for decades died. The man who loved him had no legal rights to their shared house or property. He faced years of court battles just to live in his own house, and the medical bills from his partners illness? Somehow he was responsible for those but couldn’t even inherit his partner’s bank accounts or insurance to pay those bills because they weren’t married. That is why the law needs to change. A marriage is a legal contract, and I see no reason why gender should come in to that.

    • rjmackin says:

      You know we agree with absolutely all that. Of course the same legal rights should prevail in these instances but we’re not sure the definition of marriage should be changed to allow for changes in societal mores. Instead the parameters of civil partnership should change to include the same rights enjoyed by married couples. Same sex couples should not be discriminated against legally.

      • Then you get into the reason why people want to get married. I have not a single romantic bone in my body, but my husband is a big ol’ squishy thing 🙂 Most people do want that romantic wedding: the big to-do, the flowers, cake, dancing, friends, best clothes. It doesn’t seem very fair to deny anyone that special day based on who they fell in love with.

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