NYC – Downtown

On day 2 with very sore heads we went back Downtown and then walked all the way up the West side to Chelsea. It’s such an incredible city just to get lost in… Here are some snaps we took along the way…

True love People with Aids plaza Hulk baby  Battery park One World Trade Centre and church One World Trade CentreLebanese restaurant

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4 Responses to NYC – Downtown

  1. kateskabin says:

    I was meant to be going back again this December but just can’t afford it this year. I have been quite a few times and just adore the city. I went over alone the last time and walked almost every inch of the place, saw so much more than I had on previous visits and fell more in love with it – I must do a post on it some time. Your pictures are making me insanely jealous and long for NYC again!

    • rjmackin says:

      I’d holiday there all the time if I could but my bank balance and liver couldn’t take it! I wish I had taken pics of all the amazing restaurants and bars we went too but I was too busy enjoying them. If you do end up going I’ll give you a list. The stand-out memory was definitely our meal in Daniel.

      • kateskabin says:

        It’s an expensive trip but when I’m there I feel like I’d happily never see anywhere else in the world again if I could just afford to keep going back there! 🙂 I went to Boston last year and was v disappointed with it – was annoyed with myself that I hadn’t just gone to NYC again.

        Got this book at Xmas and I now spend my evenings with a glass of wine wishing I won the lotto while leafing through! 🙂 There are just so so many fab places to eat!

      • rjmackin says:

        Agreed. You can’t go there and not spend money. But it’s so worth doing it in style! We didn’t visit one museum on this trip, it was just walking, eating and boozing our way around the city and trying to pack as much into the 5 days as we could. My one tip would be to scrimp on accommodation as you won’t be spending much time staying in! Our hotel was pretty reasonable by NY standards. That said, we’ll be holidaying in Ireland for the next 2 years to make up for this trip!

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