Smell the Glove, baby . . .

Una Mullaly annoys the shit out of me, sheez everything eyem not; bland.


oonagh fuckin mullaly

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… my gender at every opportunity. Gender is not a weakness.


Because I am a Girl I feel … empowered, because throughout history, the people who have affected the greatest change are women.

YAWN, and what a pile of C.R.A.P.

* * *

This chick is a Misandrist, and must be stopped because our modern, non exclusive Republic has no time for this bigoted, sexist drivel.

That’s my rant over . . . . . . . . . . she really does fuckin’ annoy me though, anyway, herez some pictures from the locality;


firhouse road




32 csm


turning the corner

Firhouse, posh part of Tallaght . . . bland



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2 Responses to Smell the Glove, baby . . .

  1. So, you live inside Una?

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