Where would we be without Safefood? The quango was originally established to raise awareness of food hygiene and nutrition but they have broadened their remit over time and have proven to be true defenders of the nation.

These noble crusaders have preached of the dangers of poisoning your mates at barbecues and taught us not to shop when hungry. They have pronounced that citizens with waistlines measuring over 32 inches are obese but most recently they have performed the ultimate service to our hapless state and have identified the real villains in Irish society.

It seems the days of the benevolent grandparent slipping Werther’s Originals to expectant grandchildren are soon to be numbered.

Grandparents are now public enemy number 1.

They are spoiling our little darlings into childhood obesity and single-handedly ruining future generation’s health.

Expect to see Treat Police on our streets in the not too distant future.

As an aside, is it just me or is this TV ad really offensive?

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8 Responses to Nana-geddon

  1. RoSy says:

    I’m thinking a bit offensive. Not all big/overweight children/people are obese because of bad food choices or lack of exercise. I think their message could have & should have been done differently.

  2. God, I feel so bad for the ‘fat kid’ actors. How horrible to get a job doing that. They will never live that down at school, either. Walking to school isn’t damn well possible for everyone – or safe – and it isn’t going to help that much. Stop with the Iceland mega-paks of chips, maybe?

  3. Umm, not as much offensive as stale and uninspiring. Great subject, real problem, a great ad can inspire real change, do social good. Laughed out loud with the Werther’s Original bit, talking about branding…;)

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