“i look like a farmer but i’m a lover”

My family ran a small country hotel in south county Cavan* for many years and it was with sadness that we sold up midway through the year of 1997.  I had many happy years in that place and it was were I met my best friend, teevee, who stayed with me and helped me up until I met my new best friend Ruth in the summer of 2010.  I moved in with Ruth in 2011 so my best friend teevee had to go, although I occasionally met up with him and together we’d watch the football, and sometimes back home in south county Cavan we’d stay up late watching the music channels.  I asked him to move in with us, however he prefers to visit on a Sunday night, where the three ones sit down with nachos and cheese and enjoy watching the Voice (of Ireland) on Raidió Teilifís Éireann, and it was on this show that I first developed a crush on former Westlife songster Kian Egan, who I think is deadly, in fact, so deadly I wanna go drinking with this dude.  Heez just so cool, Kian is, and he always picks the best talent for his team, such as Kelly Mongan McDonagh and more recently Brendan McCahey from Shercock, Co. Cavan.  This guy Brendan is very, VERY talented, and should win the competition at a canter.  However, he needs votes from the public, and because Cavan has a reputation for being a penny pinching place he may not get the votes he requires.  So please let us vote for this guy, on Sunday’s, and below are his performances from the show to convince you all of his gift;



*Cavan, God’s county

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